Starting in 1993 while working for ERS Technologies, a New England based security company, Angela experienced her first headset system at a Dunkin Donuts in Attleboro, MA. Intrigued by the concept of hands-free communications, she inquired on the manufacturer which turned out to be HME. Shortly after, she secured a dealership and began the intrepid task of convincing the fast food industry that the drive thru system was going to revolutionize their industry.  


Of course, like anything new, many of the franchisees were skeptical about the product and were reluctant to climb on the bandwagon. Angela picked up her camcorder and proceeded to create a series of interviews with current drive thru system users. She then went franchise to franchise playing her endorsement video of all the very happy franchisees who found both increased productivity and increased sales all due to the new drive thru communication products.


Noticing that speed and profit provided a very short ROI, Angela opened New England Drive Thru Communications with a sole purpose of supporting the needs of her drive thru franchisees. Every year since its inception, Angela has grown New England Drive Thru Communications by providing a range of products, the best prices, timely and accurate service, and an excellent customer service staff that supports thousands of stores in the New England states.



Angela and New England Drive Thru Communications is historically an HME award-winning dealership by leading the nation in sales and service.  HME appointed New England Drive Thru an affiliate status, 1 of only 4 in the country, recognizing their efforts and commitment to the HME Corporation. Evidence of New England Drive Thru’s excellent customer service and commitment to its customers can be demonstrated by the fact that generations of franchise families continue to rely on them for all their drive thru needs.


With nearly 25 years in this business, Angela and New England Drive Thru continue to show dedication to their customers by creating an in-house manufacturer certified equipment repair center, improving on their music offerings with the addition of Sirius Music, and establishing a new flat rate service charge for the dispatch of their factory trained and certified technicians.


Despite all the success, Angela and New England Drive Thru never underestimate the loyalty and devotion it gets from their customer base. They appreciate all the repeat business and want to assure their customers that complacency will never be part of New England Drive Thru Communications approach to business.

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